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Diana Ayurvedic Anti Diabetic Powder & Capsules Blood Sugar Level and...

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Beneficial in normalizing blood sugar level in natural way.• Reduces serum cholesterol and low density lipoprotein. • Lower stress, fatigue and general weakness.• Prevent long term organic complication• Stimulate insulin secretion.• Reduces high blood sugar & glycated hemoglobin level. • Also beneficial in optimizing serum lipid by lowering LDL and raising HDL.

Hepson A complete Ayurvedic Liver Tonic Capsules 30CAP

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Possesses Cholagogue, Hepto protective & Liver Stimulant actionExcellent detoxifier & rejuvenative for the liverSupports healthy elimination of toxinsRemoves excess fat from the liver & improves the liver functionClears accumulated bile which is the leading cause of Jaundice

Opso Slim Ayurvedic Slimming Capsules 30 CAP

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Opso Slim is an ayurvedic medicine for weight loss that removes unwanted fat by correcting cell-to-cell metabolism of an individual.As soon as this Ayurvedic weight loss medicine enters the blood vessels, it initiates cell to-cell metabolism and helps get rid of bad cholesterol from the blood vessels.Opso Slim is also a great fat cutter Ayurvedic medicine that prevents the formation of fatty liver. It removes fat particles from the liver and thus improves the functioning of the liver.Opso Slim also helps diabetic patients to maintain sugar levels and controls the

Hemokare Herbal Blood Purifier Capsules Restore Natural Skin with Natu...

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• Purifies the blood naturally by reducing bloodinfections and clears acne, pimples• Improves blood circulation and nourishes skin,gives fair complexion and glowing skin • Ensures blood detoxification and purification• Exhibits pleasant taste and flavour

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