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Syrup and Dry Syrup Pharma Company

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NOVEXIA PHARMA PVT LTD is established in the year 2018. Our company is an ISO certified Company. Pharma syrups and dry syrups oral suspension are very popular these days. Our company manufacturing syrups and liquid orals, dry syrups products. We provide the best service and high-quality products for our customers. We satisfied our customers to provide the best high - quality products.

Pharma Tablet Suppliers in Delhi

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NOVEXIA PHARMA PVT LTD is a Pharma Tablet Suppliers in Delhi. Tablets are one of the formulation and forms of medicines that are widely used for multipurpose. They have been used to treat a variety of disorders like diabetes, kidney stones, obesity, cold, pain relief, etc. We provide over the counter (OTC) as well as prescribed medications of tablet form. Our all products are certified by GMP and WHO. Our products are also approved by DCGI.

Pharma Capsules Suppliers

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NOVEXIA PHARMA PVT LTD is also a Pharma Capsules Suppliers. ur company manufactures, distributes a wide range of pharmaceutical capsules. We provide all kinds of capsules like Soft gel capsules, Hard gel capsules, Dry filled capsules, Liquid filled hard gelatin capsules. Capsules are more powerful as compared to tablets because capsules are easier to dissolve.

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