IV Fluid Manufacturing Plant in Hyderabad

Third Party Pharma Manufacturers Hyderabad
Suzen Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is a Top IV Fluid Manufacturing Plant in Hyderabad. Our company covers a wide range of injectable products including IV fluids & Anti-infectives of 100 ml/500 ml & 1000 ml. These products will be produced in Plastic Bottles (Nipple top type) as per National and International standards of BP, IP, USP Pharmaceutical ethics. Our company is manufacturing Common IV Solutions: Dextrose Injection (5%/10%/25%), Normal Saline Injection, Dextrose & Sod Chloride Injection, Lactated Ringer’s Injection, and Anti-Infective Solutions: Metronidazole Injection, Fluconazole Injection, Levofloxacin Injection.

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