Taxus brevifola fx solution

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Dear Sir/Madam,Thank you for your inquiry on our product of TAXUS BREVIFOLIA EXTRACT SOLUTION GSWe Supply verity natural materials and are the best for high quality raw fluidsincluding valuable with over 3 decades manufacturing wholesale epitome state ofproduct in stock, based on the belief that our customers need is of the utmostimportance.PRODUCT TAXUS BREVIFOLIA EXTRACT SOLUTION GSORIGIN :INDIAQUALITY PER MONTH :5 TO 8 TONSPACKING :1 LTRS, 2 LTRS OR 5 LTRS /100% PURE NATURAL PLANTEXTRACTS, WITHOUT ADDITIVESDELIVERY TIME:2 TO 3 WORKING DAYS

Additional Details

Packaging 1 litter, 2 litter and 5 litter
Packaging Style Bottle and gallons
Product Form Oil
Minimum Batch Size 1