Helena Soap

Ayurvedic & Herbal Products manufacturers Chandigarh
150 ₹
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Helena orange is herbal handmade bar. This bar is pure & natural , filled with the best herbal remedies in this bar to help you to make your skin acne free, wrinkles free glowing & clear face. Herbal ingredients castor oil, coconut oil most ancient oils known for that’s powerful properties. Glycerin is a simple polyol colorless & odorless compound, its used in ever derma care products. Stearic acid is a powerful cleanser that helps reduce water’s surface tension, allowing it to mix with oils and dirt on the surface of your skin. with juicy orange fragrance makes this soap a fruity bar. Vitamin e is powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect cell membranes from damaged caused by free radicals. With herbal ingredients Helena handmade bar makes your face acne free and soft n silky.

Additional Details

Packaging 75 Gram Pack
Packaging Style Blister Pack
Product Form Soap
Minimum Batch Size 120