VAJRA Medicinal Tooth Powder

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VAJRA Medicinal Tooth Powder for TOOTH PROBLEMS (acute)VAJRA Medicinal Tooth Powder Buy NowStrong Gums – Shinning TeethThe Best Available Tooth Powder; Dedicated to your SMILE!Also with Unique Anti-Tobacco EffectStops Urge for Tobacco Instantly because it Checks the Excessive Salivation. Relieves Tobacco StainsPrescribing Information: Tooth powder to be Applied on and Around the Teeth with the help of index finger. Should be Retained for a 3 to 5 minutes before Rinsing mouth.Presentation: Jar of 40gm & Zipper pouch 17gTRUE VALUE FOR MONEY SPECIAL INGREDIENTS FOR SPECIAL EFFICACY

Additional Details

Packaging 40gm
Packaging Style plastic jar
Product Form Goldwater India
Minimum Batch Size 50