GW VASAKA (Herbal Cough Syrup)

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GW VASAKA COUGH (chronic, like in TB, Asthma)CHILDREN : LOVE ITS TASTE !ADULTS : ADORE ITS ACTION !DOCTORS : PRIDE ITS RESULTS !TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA: Contains high 20 herb formula; Specially TULSI PANCHANG and KAKRA SHRINGI, VASAKA, MULAITHI, PIPALI, SONTH, KANTKARI, GULAB PHOOL, LAUNG, KULANJAN, GURCH, POKHAR MOOL, MIRCH KALI etc.Excellent Taste, High Concentration and Great Results;Works so fast that it is called “The Instant Cough Syrup”

Additional Details

Packaging 100ml
Packaging Style plastic Bottle
Product Form Goldwater India
Minimum Batch Size 840