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Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in Darrang

1 Best Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise Company

Best Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise Company

VETSON HEALTHCARE   Ambala - 1558km
Nanhera link road,Kuldeep Nagar, Suketi Road , Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh, Ambala Haryana 133004
Vetson Healthcare is a Fast-Growing Best Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise Company in india, and Providing services for a wide range of Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise products. Veterinay Bolus, Injectables, Feed Supplements, powders, Sprays & many Other Veterinary PCD products are among the products we offer.Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise refers to the concept of providing pharmaceutical products to veterinarians through the PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) model. PCD is a business model in which pharmaceutical companies provide products and marketing support to distributors or individuals who have a network of healthcare professionals, such as doctors or veterinarians..

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