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Derma PCD companies


The derma PCD Franchise range of dermatology products of all-purpose can be found at PharmaKhabar at a most genuine and reasonable price. Our platforms offer countless Derma pharma franchise products and have listed several derma pcd companies in India with other pharma products franchise only from trusted and genuine people of this domain. You can chosse from different derma and cosmetic products for the derma pharma franchise in any part of India. Choose from the extensive range of cosmetics derma Product range & apply for derma pcd pharma franchise. These include skin disorders like psoriases, Vitiligo, etc. We have a wide range of skincare solutions also.


The range of derma and cosmetic products provided by PCD cosmetic company includes the usage of these forms:

  • Powders

  • Ointment

  • Sachets

  • Injectables

  • Syrups/ tonics/ oral suspension

  • Tablets/Capsules

  • Creams

  • Shampoos

  • Oils


The products can be found over the counter (OTC) and in the prescribed format. The products are certified by the recognized and registered authorities like FDA, FSSAI, and DCGI. You can also find skincare and anti-aging products which have been made from pure ingredients and built to give more effectively. Others include products that are used in non-surgical procedures. All the formulations are provided  at the best price only at PharmaKhabar 


  All the available skincare products are manufactured in GMP and; WHO-certified pharma units. They are backed up by a skilled team of experts who have in-depth knowledge about dermatology and cosmeceuticals products. Fine grade ingredients and extracts are used in the making of the range and prepared under the best quality standards. So our product quality makes us the best Derma Product franchise Company than others.


We at PharmaKhabar provide an extensive range of Derma and Cosmetic formulations like Lotions, Serums, Dusting Powders, Tablets and Capsules, Creams, Ointments, Soaps, Gels, All these preparations are done under strict quality control, sticking to universally accepted standards.


The dermatology range is offered for pharma manufacturing and marketing purposes. We are fully engaged in the production, trading, supplying, and franchise marketing of robust derma and cosmetology products in India. You will be offered DCGI approved ranges that are packed with the best technology. Being professional and dedicated to our work, our associates experience the best in the market. We are offering a wide range of products for the Derma PCD Franchise business.

Advantages  Of Taking Derma PCD Company Franchise Opportunity

Asia has been the largest manufacturer and consumer of derma-cosmetic products globally. India holds a significant place and has immense demand in the industry. The requirement is peaking with people investing in costly yet qualitative products. The rise of skin disease in India is 10 to 12 percent which is rising at an alarming rate. On the other hand, the number of cosmetic procedures is expected to reach 18 to 20 lakh soon. This is the reason why derma and cosmetic products have high demand all year round.


Here are some facts and figures for derma products range:

  • The Skin Care Industry expands more than 25% growth every year.

  • The penetration level of the derma-cosmetic segment in India is around 20 percent.

  • Today’s generation is more aware of their outer looks and is ready to pay any price. The pharma range of derma and cosmetic products covers a large variety of products that are used for external and internal purposes. Choosing to take over a pharma franchise in this industry will bring profits shortly.

  • The cosmetics market in India is expanding twice as fast as that of the United States and the European market.

  • The Indian skincare market is said to be around Rs. 3,400 Cr approx.

  • Urban regions like Chandigarh, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Pune have a high demand for products of the dermatology cosmetology range.

  • The Indian retail beauty and cosmetics market right now is at $950 million.

  • The beauty and wellness market is a whopping $2.68 billion.


derma range franchise


The sales structure of the derma range franchise companies listed at PharmaKhabar is very easy to understand and stable. The company’s growth as a PCD franchise or PCD distribution is going well. We are currently having countless associates across the country and other vacant locations are filling in fast. With us, our clients can enjoy monopoly rights for their recognized location and several other benefits. We avail the best industry packaging for long shelf life and a range of products that are in demand. Our products have a good reach with sustainable pricing and this is our key strategy to grow in the market.


Quality Range Of Derma PCD Franchise Products Available At  PharmaKhabar 

  • Our collaborators  of derma PCD companies will get all the products on time. The Order Execution in 24 Hours.

  • All products are Excise duty-free and manufactured in a state-of-art manufacturing unit which is approved by the authorities like WHO, GMP, ISO, etc.

  • Our clients will get the medicine Update, ADR, etc.

  • An annual target incentive will also be provided to associates.

  • Monthly Promotional Schemes from the company will assist the business partner to well in their region and making a good impression on doctors.

  • Our clients will also get the product manual and product information update as well as a monthly newsletter to be informed about the new launch and latest development.

  • We will provide our collaborators with gifts for doctors as well.

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