Sitagliptin at Best Price in india

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What is SALVAGLIP and how does it work?SALVAGLIP is a blood sugar-lowering drug. It was first in the category called gliptins, where a protein called DPP-4 is restrained by it, and this impacts the metabolic system so that the pancreas is prompted to increase insulin secretion and regulate sugar in the blood. Another medicine from the same category developed by the same company Salvus , called Vildagliptin,(Vildarge) also went off patent late last year, resulting in a subsequent price drop.“We have 15 years of experience with this drug and it is very reliable – it has a good glucose-lowering capability and not much side effects. SALVUS PHARMA launches latest version of Sitagliptin for type 2 diabetes.

Additional Details

Brand Name SALVAGLIP 50 & SALVAGLIP M 50/500
Packaging 20*7
Packaging Style Blister
Product Form tablet