Ayurvedic IRON TONIC

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Raktomax Syrup is a combination of naturally processed iron and essential herbs that are helpful in treating iron deficiency and anemia as recommended by Ayurveda. Iogen syrup alleviates anemic condition by increasing hemoglobin levels in blood and renormalizing appetite. Being a completely herbal product containing natural berry extracts, along with providing nutritional benefits, it also facilitates digestion and nutrition absorption. Unlike other iron supplements, Iogen syrup doesn't have unpleasant metallic taste and doesn't disturb your bowel movement.Benefits:Helps increase appetite, promotes liver health and contains Iron and Vitamin CHigh in iron and folate, especially beneficial in pregnancyGood source of iron and facilitates easy bowel movementsIogen Syrup is a rich source of ferrous sulphate and vitamin C, forming an iron chelate complex, facilitating increased solubility of iron in the small intestineIogen syrup, rich in ferrous sulphate increases hemoglobin production considerably and hence reduces the symptoms of anemiaThe natural herbal ingredients in Iogen syrup makes it an ideal and safe choice for pregnant women, kids and post surgery casesHelps maintain proper pitta dosha levels in the body and helps in maintaining normal pitta levels

Additional Details

Brand Name Raktomax
Packaging 200ml
Packaging Style Bottle
Product Form Syrup