Aceclofenac 50MG + Paracetamol 125MG

Pharmaceutical Medicines Manufacturing Companies Panchkula
Aceclofenac 50MG + Paracetamol 125MG Suspension helps lower body temperature (fever) and reduce pain and inflammation (redness and swelling) both in infants and children.Aceclofenac 50MG + Paracetamol 125MGSuspension works by blocking the action of a chemical messenger that is known to cause fever and inflammation. Adhere to the prescribed dose, time, and way while giving this medicine to your child. It can be given orally before or after meals. However, it is best to give this medicine to your child after meals as this will prevent the chance of developing an upset stomach. Try giving it at a fixed time so that it becomes a part of your child’s daily routine and helps prevent missing a dose.

Additional Details

Packaging 60 ml
Packaging Style bottel
Product Form syrup