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Ayurvedic Juice

BHRIGU’S PHARMA PVT. LTD.   Yamunanagar - 273km
Kharwan Road, Vill. Ghari,, Jagadhri – (HR), Yamunanagar Haryana 135003
GILOY RASHelpful in Dengue, Malaria or Viral Infection.Helpful in Skin related problems.Helpful in Stress.Strong Immunity System.It also give relief in Cough & Cold.Also works as Blood Purifier.Composition:Tinospora cordifolia GiloyDosage (Syrups):15-30ml of Giloy Ras of 200mlin drinking water Twice a day orAs Directed by Physician.TRIPHALA RASIt is really considered as an effective laxative.It is highly beneficial in promoting the Bowel movement.Improve the blood circulation .It close the body system and provide a healthy glow of the skin. It is regarded as an expectorant and has anti-inflammatory and anti vial and allergic propertiesit plays an important role in the treatment of cardiac problem and Madhu-meh.Also Available In :Triphala Ras 200ML , 500MLTriphala Tablet (Strips & Bottle & Bulk Size)Composition:AMLA – Phyllanthus EmblicaBEHARA – Terminalia BelliricaHARAD – Terminalia ChebulaDosage (Syrups):15-30ml of Triphala Ras of 200mldrinking water Thrice a day

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