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Shivam Pharma
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Vetsfarma Limited
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Animal feed supplements 

Cattle feed supplements  is part of medicine that deals with the prevention, injury, treatment, diagnosis, and disorder in animals. Considering the immense  scope of  animal feed business in the veterinary field, a lot of  cattle feed supplement companies in India are establishing their business. Animals are an important part of life as somewhere we all are connected from the resources of animals such as eggs, meat, milk, etc. A  variety  of people from rural areas are engaged in cattle rearing. The health of an animal is kept as the highest priority as it impacts human health and they are known for  offering  best products to the  animals


The animal feed supplement products Pharma Franchise Company  listed at Pharma Khabar are playing a serious and appreciable role in the improvement of animal health. The various animal feed pcd pharma companies deal in a variety of veterinary products such as injections, multivitamin animal supplements, cattle feed supplements, animal liver tonic, calcium supplements, antibiotic range, etc. Thus, by investing in the right veterinary feed supplements manufacturer for a pharma franchise in the veterinary range, you can achievement success in the future.

Rising  Demand for cattle feed supplements  in India

The animal medicine market is a $32 billion market. The rising demand for cattle feed products and supplements for cattle grazing, cattle problems, animal feed supplements, pet food, etc. is increasing drastically. This is due to the rising demand for cattle products and healthy animal eating habits adoption. India has consistently remained on the top in the global milk production rank. However, average milk production per cow is very low at 11.2kg/per day. Israel, in contrast, has achieved an average output of 33kg milk per cow in a day. In India the majority of cows are non-descript bread and follow traditional ways in feeding castles. Generally, Indian farmers prefer their own ingredient for cattle feed. The Agricultural Ministry is planning for genetic upgradation and cross-breeding in order to expand the milk productivity per cow. Increasing dairy farming of high breed cow/buffalo will demand high quality cattle feed. Moreover, higher return from meat production will encourage the farmers to use compound feed to grow the livestock faster. Therefore, we expect that the cattle feed industry is expected to attract immense investment in near future. Generally, cattle feeds are prepared out of the food grains and byproducts of cotton, oil and sugar industry. A positive factor for the Indian cattle feed industry is that India has recorded bumper food production and de-growth in food prices. Global food commodity price, on the other hand, is rising. This gives a huge scope for export to the Indian cattle feed industry especially to the developed countries, that  gives special attention to the diet of animals. The livestock industry is expected to post healthy growth with an appreciable government policy. Therefore, cattle feed industry being a part of the supply chain is expected to follow the trend. As per our estimates, the annual cattle feed production in India is likely to reach 73 million tons by FY22.

  • Animal feed medicines help in preventing unfavorable l diseases of viruses and bacterial parasites among animals. The reasons behind cattle feed market growth and demand are as follows:

  • Rising investment in clinical animal research and development for healthy and disease-free animals.

  • The introduction of effective yet affordable veterinary medicines along with veterinarian clinics has helped increase demand.

  • Rapid awareness among masses related to animal, cattle, and pet healthcare. Willingness to spend on quality medicines and products.


Advantages of animal feed supplements Pharma Franchise Company in India

The  is the most beneficial business industry that could end up with the most beneficial  performance. The cattle feed products companies listed at PharmaKhabar will provide you with an opportunity to showcase marketing, business, and skill sales in the most reliable way. At PharmaKhabar while offering cow feed PCD Franchise company we believe in keeping the cordial relationship with customers and long-term business.Below listed are some of the advantages offered by animal feed PCD Pharma Franchise

Marketing benefits- It also avails a range of marketing benefits that make it a reliable position in the market. Market benefits may include marketing costs and long-term business and different types of benefits provided by marketing staff.

Customer benefits- Regardless of your current state,  Animal feed PCD franchises provide huge support for every moment. The goal is to put forward the best products in the market.

Cattle supplements and feed additives are ingredients or a combination of ingredients added to the basal feed-in micro quantities. Feed additives are ingredients or combinations of ingredients added to the basal feed-in micro quantities to enhance the rate of gain, feed efficiency, or preventing and controlling diseases.


Many livestock operations use cattle supplements in one form or another, but they are especially popular with dairy farmers and beef producers. Indeed, Beef Magazine even notes that “the practicality of using commercial supplements has significant monetary value”. This is in large part because cattle supplements are extremely easy to purchase, store, and safely distribute to livestock.


Some cattle supplements come in the form of pellets. The cattle pellets are easy to mix into the feed that the animals are accustomed to eating.The Indian animal feed market reached a value of INR 942.4 Billion in 2020. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the market to exhibit strong growth during 2021-2026. These insights are included in the report as a major market contributor. India currently represents one of the largest feed producers in the world.


The main purpose of PharmaKhabar is to bring together the entire Pharma Industry in one place and provide a platform to importers, exporters, manufacturers, traders, services providers, distributors, wholesalers, and governmental agencies to find trade opportunities and promote their products and services online. At PharmaKhabar we have listed the top animal feed supplements company that is known for providing the best cattle feed products at affordable rates.